Welcome to La Colmena Bakery – Freshly Baked Pastries and Breads


At La Colmena Bakery, our day starts early to provide you with fresh breakfast items.  We open at 6am so you can stop by for one of our famous bread, cakes and tamales  to start your day.  The comforting aroma of warm breads and pastries has wafted from our location on Lincoln Ave since 1995.  We bake an assortment of hearty and savory breads as well as a divine selection of cakes and pastries.

All of our products are baked fresh daily using the highest quality of ingredients.  We make a wonderful selection of breads and rolls using white, wheat and whole-grain flours.  Production of our gourmet selection of pastries is rotated for variety and new assortments are regularly introduced.

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